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Submissive boi
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" Norwegian submissive "

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Last Login: 2019-02-19
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Extreme Restraints
I am a : male submissive

City : Oslo
State / Province : Unknown
Country : Norway
Date of Birth : 1980
Height : 5ft 7in
Body Type : Athletic
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Brown
Ethnicity : Asian
Drink : Yes
Smoke : No
Occupation :
Orientation : Bi-sexual
In Lifestyle Since : 2007
About me

Ok, Let me be honest. I`m desperat.

Not for sex, but to find that woman that I can give all my love to. Desperat to give my love to that special woman that I can submit to, not only because she is offcourse my superior. But because I love here, and adore here, worship and look up to here as my true love and godess. I wanna meet the woman that make my heart skip everey seccond beat just becouse I love here so much. She should be my sun, my oxygen, my everything. I will be here boyfriend, lover, husband, slave and soulmate. I will give you my heart and my soul to keep and own. 

I am not a paying membe so I can not get back to you here. Leave your email adres and I wil contact u by mail Hi I'm a Norwegian boy who would love to meet some one to be my domina. Maybe if the chemestry is right a live in arrangement. I do travell as often i can to the US. Mostly to NewYork, Los Angeles,Florida and to New Mexico area. I am trying to find the Dominant woman who can be my Misstress or Mommy, to take care of me in everyway shape and form, where I can find enjoyment while I am brought up with the attention from the Mistress who will mold me into the fine young kid she deems me to be.

I am looking for a live in relationship 24/7 and I am a Big Breast Enthusiast I do belive in female supremacy and I really wanna be someones puppy. I know in my mind that some people are born to be natural slaves and some people are born to be in charge. I know in my heart and my soul that I only will be complete if I could belong to some one.

I am a truly submissive person that desires to give myselves over to another person. I do have a strong need to serve and to please a strong Mistress.

I am looking for the strict Mommy type Domme who will teach a naughty little submissive boy how to please his Mommy but also how to act like proper kid, or face Mommy's displeasure in a variety of ways including humiliation both verbal and physical, also a variety of punishments including like spanking, corner time etc... Mommy should be strict making me behave in just a glance in my direction, she should also have a soft gentle side being able to put me on her lap and cuddle me when reading a bedtime story or dry my tears after a punishment.

I would like complete degradation from Mommy being put thoroughly in a low place with a little humiliation and punishments, also cage time, but at the end knowing that my Mommy is only doing this because she loves me and doing it for my own good.. I also lik Mommy to treat me with a strict hand but also wants my mommy to be gentle and caring giving lots of cuddles and love, not being humiliated as much, only when thoroughly deserved or Mommy wants too. Mommy can also dress me up in baby clothes or woman clothing, and When I am hungry I would like that mommy feeds my (breast feeding if mommy got milk) and bath me when I need it..

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Mistress Isis617 - 09-26-14

I'm implementing a new rule...
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Mistress Candice - 04-01-11


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