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I completed FDS University.
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" obedientplaytoy subservient menial, treasures Fem Domination "

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Last Login: 2019-03-09
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Extreme Restraints
I am a : male submissive

City : Kansas City
State / Province : Kansas
Country : United States
Date of Birth : 1958
Height : 5ft 11in
Body Type : A few extra pounds
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Brown
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Drink : No
Smoke : Yes
Occupation : Artist/Musician/Writer
Orientation : Bi-curious
In Lifestyle Since : 1981
About me

Seeking Serious Lifestyle Domme; actual connectedness within local Fem Domme community; or even just sympathetic platonic Female friendships! Older lowly male serious in this.


Ladies on FDS, those that have already looked over this older submissive male’s profile [and a few have contacted me] and those who are looking over it now. this lowly older male is working all this afternoon and on into the early evening to re-create his profile to far more accurately portray himself with all points and info succinctly organized and relatively short to ensure his profile covers all relevant information on himself; for easier and more efficient evaluation for you that this lowly older male will or will not meet your needs in a submissive.

He is working at this diligently out of his high regard and respect that he holds for every Domme, Dominatrix and Mistress on FDS. Please forgive this lowly male’s slower pace then his younger counterparts; being an older male submissive does have advantages and pros for a Domme, that youth will always lack, however, it does have some shortcomings aging physically tends to impact an older submissive; becoming a bit slower and sometimes takes a bit longer for someone who is older to do and get things done while also ensuring doing an excellent job of it too.

The few Ladies that have sent communications to this submissive will be answered as promptly and as honestly and accurately as is physically possible for him to do so and hopes that will be complete sometime this evening or tomorrow morning.

In the mean time he merely asks for a bit of kindness and your patience as he attempts to finish up his profile so as no one will anticipate more than what he is or be surprised in anything concerning himself.

So, that none of your valuable time is wasted and you can have sufficient information on my profile to make quick decisions on whether this potential slave is worth your effort and be a possible good fit or relevant to your wishes or not.

Thank you for your kind consideration all who view this and already began communication. This older male submissive is a bit overwhelmed and is merely trying to sort all this out and organize his thought on these matters so as not to disappoint any Domme. there are some health issues right now as well, and he needs to rest a bit more than normally, plus Real Life obligations too. So he is pacing himself on all this as quickly as he can while safeguarding his health and fulfilling his other RL duties too.

He feels badly that his current profile may lack sufficient precision and to avoid any possible misunderstandings or ambiguities concerning himself he is trying very hard to reform it off site and then to replace his old profile with the better one for Dommes, at least he hopes.

Plus, any who inquired concerning him via email he is getting to this ASAP. Again, thank you for your patience as he continues to do the best he is able in high regard to FDS and ladies here.


An American Classical Composer [extensive knowledge of many Music Cultures throughout the world including Serious Jazz and even much of the last 100 years in Popular Music] Pianist too.

Have been working extensively and exhaustively these past 2 years on fixing up my  Historic Landmark Registered House, as well as, landscaping in backyard. Have, not been around, but plan from now on to be here on this site and more active again as this lowly male was before. Still seeking a Femdomme living locally in or around Kansas City area who may give me the gift and grace of meeting with me for her consideration for training, discipline and possible ownership.

Will be hanging out a lot in the

FDS Lobby chat Room

So, anyone viewing my profile and photos that is a local Kansas City area Domme please, please give this older gentle lowly male a chance and grace him with some  conversation in chat to get to know him a bit and then more intensively question him etc  in private chat as you will. Plan to be doing Lobby chat most evenings now thoughout the week.

Meaning no disrespect in this next statement please: looking for real life involvement here and locally. Due to my real life obligations, some of which are owed to women, this lowly gentle older male does have to fulfill these duties so 24/7 is probably not feasible regardless of my personal wishes; also though this submissive owns a Trike for immediate local area for transportation he is not in a position to travel even to KC MO, but mainly for now is limited to only getting around within his immediate area of KCK. While waiting and hoping for a meeting and possible development of involvement with a local Femdomme he is open to long distance cam involvement but only with a non-mercenary Femdomme; no Pro's as far as actual BDSM is involved; quite simply have no resources for that, plus actually wish involvement with those who actually want involvement with me or in my life etc. without money being the prime motivation. Basically very much a homebody, working on House, Yard and composing Chamber and Concert works for Orchestra. Usually go to downtown KCK for a coffee some mornings but mostly at home working or taking a break in the warmer months on Front Porch. Probably have the most massive raw Stone Porch on Quindaro in KCK. Good place to stop by and meet sitting out there enjoying the 2 giant Maples and small wildlife while having something to drink served to you by this lowly older male and engaging in fun, funny and intriguing conversations.

Love siting on the large Stone Front Porch having Conversations with women of all ages, MMORPG's (Have about 7 lifetime memberships on these), Nature, Camping, Fishing, Obviously Music of all kinds; Into Movies extensively; like some TV, Love riding my Trike when it is not in the shop; Working on projects around the house; Cafes and Coffee conversing there with aquaintance friends; have Sailing and Scubadiving in my youth and the list is rather large so we probably have some common interests in Real Life beyond my unwavering need in being subjegated, dominated and submissvely serving thee and your will at all times.

..a poem posted in a thread from from 2 years or so ago..

[this lowly older subservient male is posting it here now as tribute to each and every Femdomme ever taking even a glancing look at his Profile and is for them, as well as,  for all the Ladies on FDS or involved with FDS too]

[Please do not mistake this current version in it being too focused on the 'typical male' fixation of appreciating only women's physical beauty alone; this sub has and does have women friends whose outer appearance may not be 'Starlets of Hollywood' etc but whose manner and inner strength of character and inner beauty have transfixed him as deeply and as profoundly as any alluring female physical form; this is still a work-in-progress of which when finished will focus on and equally include both the inner beauty as well as outer beauty of woman]

words fall short before thee, words fail by their very nature..

words are insufficient..

cannot convey

words are inadequate to express..

can not disclose

words can not in accurate articulation

describe.. portray.. reveal..

your exquisite,lovely, refined touch

your elegant, sharp, excruciating domination

your keen, discerning, sensitive eyes

this lowly one's excruciating, unbearable, aching agony

yearning for..

longing for..

being molded like clay under your attentive supervision

being trained, guided, and disciplined

becoming enthralled and enslaved

obedient to all your wishes

confessing his hearts deepest secrets

in the darkness of night


heaven on earth

the light of day


You are magnificent as the light of day;

You are all things of loveliness

and like that moth, this lowly male is drawn to you,

you are the sun

his gaze transfixed and mesmerized on you

you are the embodiment of all his secret dreams,

and only you

..also the Group: 'Kansas City Dommes: Open House Historic Landmark available!' please feel free to get involved as far as this project if so inclined; will be another year before landscaping is done and interior all fixed up too. Doing what i can as quickly as am able.


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"Thank you for HOTLISTING Me!"
MistressDagmar - 11-10-18

"Hello obedient play. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind yet wise submissive words. Lady Ann"
LadyAnn63 - 11-10-18

Love the profile update obedient!
"Thank you for the hot list, friends request, as well as the invitation to critique you on your profile. It was wonderful chatting with you in the lobby obedient and seeing how hard that you have worked on organizing your page and your profile. Stay safe and focused on your submission during your BDSM journey as you are well on your way to becoming a very lucky slave Owners pride and joy! Dominantly yours, Mz Katie"
KatieskingDomme - 01-24-17

"Thank you for hotlisting me!!"

"Thank you for hotlisting. Have a good time :)"


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