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Mistress Mia's Animal Fucker
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I completed FDS University. I completed FDS Sissy University.

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Miss Mia

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" slave Trained to FUCK ANIMALS "

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Extreme Restraints
I am a : male submissive

City : Bat Cave
State / Province : North Carolina
Country : United States
Date of Birth : 1969
Height : 6ft 0in
Body Type : Average
Hair Color : Red
Eye Color : Hazel
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Drink : Yes
Smoke : No
Occupation : Unspecified
Orientation : Straight
In Lifestyle Since : 1995
About me

i am in the process of rewriting my profile. i am trying to share not only my experiences and training as an animal fucker but also how being an animal fucker effects me emotionally. As i edit, write and rewrite things, i am leaving it all out there for people to be able to read these changes as i make them. i want everyone to see i am hiding nothing, the wording, how i try to phrase things may change, but not what i am actually trying to write and say. i am hoping to be enslaved for life where i will be used sexually with animals and animals are all i will fuck for the rest of my life. i a so eager to find a Mistress and prove myself to Her in real-life.


i am having such a difficult time writing my profile because when i write i so easily fall into a self hypnotic trance and lose control of what i am writing. Writing and keeping a journal was a part of my training and conditioning, a psychological reinforcement designed to ensure i would always be an animal fucker. i guarantee if You are a Mistress reading this and if You show me i can trust You and You enslave me and use me to fuck animals, i will spend the rest of my life fucking animals as Your slave without ever having a thought of being free again. Believe me, i do not want to only write about this, i want to do it!








Getting a slave to immediately leave this website is the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of a scammer because they do not wish to have any evidence on this website of their scam which can be reported to the web's administrators. i've gone though this so many times, at least 10 people on here i hear from a month are here only trying to pull scams. i've talked with the same scammer a dozen times on this website, them having multiple profiles, using different people's photos and listing themselves living in various locations.




No one i have ever sent money to online has ever kept any of the promises they made, never once followed through with meeting in real-life and usually either blocked me or just disappeared when i requested to meet in real-life. i've found most people who ask for tributes or want money for other various reasons are just using this lifestyle and not really interested in it. i am not talking about Dominates who do this professionally and work out of a dungeon.


Yes, as the caption says, i am trained to fuck animals. i have been professionally and psychologically trained to serve as an animal fucker, or rather a sex slave for animals. i am trained to sexually pleasure and satisfy animals and bring the animal i am paired with off to a powerful orgasm.


i have spent years of my life being trained as a slave and used sexually with animals. It freaks me out knowing this is me, it always has, but it is real and true, this is what i am, an animal fucker. i have never been as happy in life as i was when i was enslaved and being used to fuck animals. i believe this one simple fact is the reason why my training was such a success.


i do not and won't use force on any animal and from my own experience there is no need to do so. There are exceptions, but nearly every animal i have been paired with accepted me as a sex slave. How an animal reacts has much to do with that animal's experience. But most animals are excited by sex, animal for the most part prefer sex with the opposite sex. Animals do not have sexual inhibitions or hangups the way humans do. To them, a penis is a penis and a vagina, a vagina, what matters most is size and fit.


Nearly all of my sexual experience has been with animals and most of that with mares which my former Mistress, other people and i all agree make the best animal to pair a human male sex slave with. i don't care what people think of me except for one thing, i want people to see how hard i work to put on the best possible animal fuck show for everyone's amusement. i do not have an ego, an animal fucker cannot afford to have an ego.


Please also understand, i am a slave, not a submissive or a sissy. i have a strong determined will and if i agree to become enslaved as Your animal fucker i will give myself to You and submit to Your rule. i am a slave because i LOVE this lifestyle and i LOVE the feeling of being owned and dedicating myself to the service of my Owner.


i ask You to try not to think of me as You would any other normal human being, i am not, i am an animal fucker and i hope i will be able to prove that fact to You.


As You read my profile i want You to know and understand i really am this obsessed, addicted and controlled by my training and conditioning, so much so that i will never be anything in life except an animal fucker. It is an emotional and psychological cage i have never been able to break. It is more than that even, i do not even want to break my conditioning. All i want in life is to be enslaved and used as an animal fucker.


When i describe and explain my training and experiences as an animal fucker i am hoping You will understand me better. No one, not other Mistresses who have trained and used slaves sexually with animals, or even bestiality porn producers i have spoken with have ever heard of a slave trained so thoroughly the way i have been and over such a long period of time to be an animal fucker.


Several years ago i could have provided references to verify the fact i am an animal fucker, people who have seen me perform as well as an animal sex porn producer. Yes, i have fucked animals in porn but the producer my former Mistress sold material to (Topscore) is no longer in business. i haven't been able to find any of the videos i am in online for some time now, i am sure they are still out there.


Please, i hope You do not think i am bragging, i am only trying explain the extent to which i have been trained to be an animal fucker. Also, my training encompassed many other aspects besides fucking animals. It also involved loyalty, honesty, obedience, hard work, determination, being trustworthy, prompt, protective, caring, and so much more. i know myself well. i have been enslaved 3 times as an animal fucker. First to the Mistress who trained me for 13 years until She married and freed me. Then to 2 other Mistresses for short-term enslavements, the first for more than 2 years and the second one for just under 2 years.


What i am offering is hard to explain in a profile, much easier to discuss in a conversation, the best way is to do it and actually do it and show You. That is what i am striving for, to talk here, get to know You and move on to real-life where i can show You i am an animal fucker.


Okay, so these are the three most important things i am seeking in an enslavement:


1. i am looking for a Mistress who will enslave me in real-life and who will actually use me to fuck animals as Her slave. Fucking animals will be my main purpose and top priority in life.


If You are a Mistress readying this and the thought of using another human being in this extreme manner excites You, please email me so we can get to know each other and get down to doing this in real-life.


2. To do this correctly it is vital animals are all You permit me to have sex with. Yes, if we agree upon a lifetime enslavement it means animals are all i will fuck for the rest of my life. i am not playing, this is important to me. If i am really to be Your animal fucker then animals must be all i am allowed to have sex with.


If i You only allow me to have sex with animals then i can focus all of my attention on being an animal fucker with no other sexual distractions.


3. This is the most frightening part and something i have never gotten used to, but if i am doing this for real the right to introduce me and display me as Your animal fucker before other people as You please must be Yours. It is only natural when someone owns something different and unique that they want to show that thing off. As Your property i do not get a choice in this, i will be required to perform sexually with animals for the amusement and entertainment of everyone You invite to watch as You demand.


This is where trust come in, i will be trusting You to keep me safe and protected by telling only people You know and trust that i am Your animal fucker.


Using me as an animal fucker for other people to see and know about might be the most important part of this. Nothing says to the world a person is a thing than having people know that person is that thing. You don't hand a person a spoon and tell them it is a fork, if we do this i am Your animal fucker.


The best part about this is the fact once You tell people i am Your animal fucker they will always know it. Once people see me have sex with animals there is no taking it back. i will have to live with it forever.


This isn't new to me, but there is no getting used to having people know i am an animal fucker. i doubt if i can ever describe what it is like to be led out on a leash before a crowd where i am made to fuck animals in front of everyone. Most often most shows i performed were in front of a few to a dozen people. my largest show was before 33 people.


i really want You to understand this, how it effects me emotionally and psychologically, i just do not have the words. You have to know this is true - a slave who will fuck animals in front of other people as You demand, that slave is doing it to be known for life as Your animal fucker. This is a big part of what makes doing this so exciting to me, what i LOVE most about being enslaved as an animal fucker. You have to know it is true, if You enslave me, the very first time we meet in real-life You and Your friends will all know right from the start even before i actually have sex with an animal, that i am there with the real intention of spending my life as Your animal fucker.


i have written and rewritten this part so many times now and i am still not entirely satisfied with it. Think about what i am offering. The only real guarantee we have in life is this one life we are currently living. i am offering to spend my life having sex with animals as Your slave, having sex only with animals, and do it so You can show me off to everyone You wish.


The emotions and feelings i must endure, suffer and enjoy as Your animal fucker are so conflicting and often confusing. It is a major part of what makes this form of enslavement so awesome. While being used as an animal fucker and often at the same moment i might experience the exact opposite emotions, such as excitement with fear, humiliation and shame alongside accomplishment and pride.


Much of my life has been spent being trained and used as an animal fucker. Nearly all of my sexual experience has been with animals. i have only had sex with women 11 times in my life and all before i was trained to be an animal fucker. It was just enough to know what i sacrificed to be an animal fucker and i am glad of that. i miss having sex with women, especially performing orally on a woman, but i accept it as a fact, in order for this to be real, for me to actually be an animal fucker, i must only be allowed to have sex with animals. i owe this to my former Mistress who put so much hard work into training me, i owe it to the Mistress i hope to one day be the property of, i owe it to everyone who will see me to actually be a real animal fucker for their entertainment and most of all i owe it to the animals i will be paired with so i won't have any other thoughts except to satisfy their sexual needs.


i am an animal fucker. i know it and i accept it. i am not a normal human being, i was not born to be normal, i am a freak and an oddity. i was trained for this, this is my fate, i was born to fuck animals as a slave, i deserve to be displayed and shown off to everyone as an animal fucker. i am asking You to do this to me.


i have been asked several times why i do not get my own animal for sexual purposes. Because of my training, i cannot own or seek out animals for sex. i was trained and psychologically conditioned so i would spend my life only having sex with animals and do so only at the will of a Dominant. If i want to fuck (and i do) i must be a slave. Fucking for me means with animals. i have never once fucked an animal without having other people there watching. The Mistress who trained me wanted to ensure all i would ever be in life is an animal fucker and that i would always have to be a slave and fuck only under the direction of a Dominant.


How serious am i about spending my life as an animal fucker? October, 2018 will mark 10 years since i last fucked and yes, the last time i fucked i did so with an animal. That was the last time i met a real and serious Domme who used me as Her slave in real-life. Since then i talked with so many Mistresses, some were only curious but others led me on, sometimes for years with the promise things would move on to real-life. But they all disappeared on me when i began to request an actual meeting in real-life.




i am hoping that will change. i am hoping to find someone real who will enslave me and do this to me. This is why i am going into so much detail, especially concerning the emotional impact being used as an animal fucker has on me. i am so eager to find a Mistress, get this done so i can spend the rest of my life suffering the harsh realities of being used sexually with animals


















For now i will say this, i am an animal fucker because the Mistress who first owned and trained me wanted me to be one and i wanted to please Her. This was my first real-life experience with the BDSM lifestyle and my Mistress was a clinical hypnotherapist. For 13 years She used all of Her skills and knowledge to make me into an animal fucker. A big part of all of this is that i was trained to LOVE being used as an animal fucker. i do, i LOVE it! i cannot help it, this was conditioned into me. i also LOVE performing sex with animals for the amusement of other people!


Please, really think about it, what it takes for a slave to be led out naked in front of other people, several, a dozen, 30 people even, and just start having sex with an animal in front of everyone upon command. When You see it, You know this is that slave's life.


There are thousands of bestiality porn movies out on the Internet and just like other porn it is different than actual sex in reality. i am trained to live as an actual sex slave for animals and normally in the past i have been paired permanently on a regular schedule and routine with one animal and occasionally with up to two or three animals. From time to time, i also found myself being used with other animals besides the animal(s) i was enslaved to.











Animals enjoy sex, they enjoy having an orgasm. What animals do not have are all the sexual hangups and inhibitions of humans. To an animal, a penis is a penis, a vagina a vagina and it does not matter to them what they are attached to. Animals do prefer sex with the opposite sex but i have also been made to suck off a horse's cock from time to time. One of the things that shocked me the very first time i was made to have sex with an animal, a female dog, was how the animal reacted at the sight of my hard dick, how excited the dog got.


The thing which is most important in doing this is fit and compatibility, will the cock fit inside the pussy without pain or harm. i will not obey if my actions with hurt the animal involved. That's not sex.


i was always shy around women. i have very limited sexual experience with women. i have only had sex with women 11 times in my life, all before i was trained to be an animal fucker. Just enough to know what i was sacrificing to become an animal fucker. i believe this is what made it so easy to get me to agree to be trained as an animal fucker and why my training was so successful. i seriously wanted to please the Mistress who trained me so i worked hard to ensure i became the animal fucker She wanted. i worked hard over the 13 years She owned me to ensure i would always only be an animal fucker in life for the rest of my life.


So yes, pretty much all of my sexual experience in life is with animals and nearly all of that is with mares. As i wrote above, i have only had sex with women 11 times, i have had sex with animals well over 10,000 times. The Mistress who trained me did not start keeping track until a few years into my training and that number along with the addition of the times if fucked animals for 2 other Mistresses i served after Her comes to 8051 times.


But that is not quite accurate either since this number counted events and not the actual number of animals or times i fucked animals. Some of these were parties where i performed 2 or 3 shows during an evening. Another time i remember well was when i was made to fuck several cows in a field before a dozen or so people. i was told i had to fuck each cow for at least 5 minutes then move on to the next cow. The animals kept moving and i was told i had to start over several times. i spent a good 4 hours going back again and again fucking the animals and it was all a good laugh for everyone watching.







Writing my profile, reading what i am writing, even i am having a hard time believing this is me. It is though. i am a real freak and i am sharing it with everyone here, doing it online where everyone in the world can read it all because i am hoping i will find a real and serious Mistress who will enslave me as Her animal fucker. Writing this, reading what i am writing, i can see it clearly how necessary it is for me to be enslaved and returned to my proper station in life where i am used regularly and used hard as a slave to sexually satisfy one or more animals and used to perform for the amusement and entertainment of other people.


If You are reading this i hope You can see this is true. Even if You are not interested in owning me, maybe You know some other Domme who might. Please, i beg You to tell Her about me. All i ask is an opportunity to prove myself. i am looking for something long-term, especially life, but i would be willing to serve short-term or even a one-time visit to fuck animals as long as the appropriate arrangements are made. For the short-term or one-time visit i ask that You please leave a comment on my profile telling people You have seen me perform.










It is a very intimate situation, there's no faking it, i am owned sexually by the animal or animals i am paired with. my body is owned by the animal or animals. i am not permitted to use my body sexually for any other purpose except to sexually pleasure that animal or other animals as my Domme demands. i accept it as a fact that i am sexually subservient to the animals i am paired with. Entertainment is a byproduct of my enslavement as an animal fucker. If other people are told about me or invited to watch me have sex with animals, i must work hard and go out of my way to show them i am a sex slave to the animal and that i serve the animal sexually and show them it is my duty to sexually satisfy the animal.


i mean, this really is the thing, the part which gets to me the most - actually having people see me and know i am a sex slave to animals. i do not know if i can ever explain it, but i am going to try my best. For You, if You are reading this, You must try to imagine what it would be like to invite several of Your friends over to watch as You command me to have sex with an animal, to see me eagerly obey, and maybe even allow them to take control and direct my sexual actions with the animal themselves.


Anyhow, i intend to be blunt and straightforward as i am seriously seeking a new Owner who will enslave me and use me as Her animal fucker. i intend to share how being used sexually with animals effects me emotionally and psychologically. i want You and everyone who reads this to understand why i need this done to me and how this is really more than my just having sex with animals.


i want to meet and talk with a real Dominant who is serious about getting to know me here on this website so we can quickly move forward to an actual real-life meeting which will hopefully end with my enslavement as Your animal fucking slave, long-term and hopefully lifetime. However, i am also open to discussions of short-term and single encounter engagements. i am not here to talk endlessly online. If You take the time to talk with me it shouldn't really take more than 3 or so months to go from our first email to meeting in real-life.


First understand what i am doing - i am here on this website for everyone to see openly admitting i have fucked animals as a slave and stating i will fuck animals at the whim of the Domme who enslaves me. i have exposed myself online, on the Internet, as an animal fucker for the whole world to see. i want to find a Dominant who will take the time get to know me, let me get to know Her and then actually do this to me, demand i visit and prove to Her i am real and then enslave me for life as Her animal fucker.


my cock will need to be locked up with a chastity device and it should be made a known fact to everyone that the only time my dick is released is when i am permitted to have sex with animals and to wash. The last should be under supervision to ensure i do not masturbate.


Being allowed to fuck animals is a privilege. Being used to fuck animals for the entertainment of other people is an honor. If You are reading this and find what i am offering interesting and exciting, i hope You'll email me because i would LOVE to share this experience with You and have You share it with other people. If i am Your slave my value and worth will be determined by my ability to fuck animals. i want to be an animal fucker You are proud to show off and i promise You i will work hard to achieve such esteem in Your eyes so You will want to show me off.


i LOVE being enslaved as an animal fucker because it is so real and permanent. Think of the power You will hold over me using me in this extreme manner. Once You begin using me as Your animal fucker for other people to see there is no taking it back and no way for me to ever redeem myself as a human being. There is no point in my even trying to redeem myself. i will be forced to live with it and accept the fact i am known by people for fucking animals as Your slave.


Being an animal fucker, this is what i was trained for, trained to be. i am not unsure or confused, i have done this as a slave and i know it is what i want, what i was born to do, i know this is how i want to spend my life. This is why if You decide to enslave me, i will place my full (first, middle and last) real-life name on a contract which clearly states my agreement to spend my life fucking animals as Your slave and i will sign it in front of witnesses. The should be at least two other Dominants there as witnesses but You may invite as many people as You wish to see me do this. i will also provide a photo ID, such as my drivers license, to attach to my contract so i can be positively identified as the animal fucker who signed it.


If You are finding this incredible and unbelievable it is because of my psychological conditioning, i no longer think in the same way as a normal human being or even how i used to think before i was trained. i am still a person, but please, i am asking You to not think of me as You would other human beings. Think of me as an animal fucker.


As i wrote above, i am not here just to talk, i am hoping writing all of this down and showing You how this effects me emotionally will allow us to move quickly from just talk to my actually fucking an animal before You. For that to happen i must know i can trust You and i am sure You are going to want to know You can trust me as well. i am eager to prove i am an animal fucker so we can get on to my actual enslavement! i am eager to know my life will be spent fucking animals!


Okay, so now down to my training and some about the Mistress who trained me and my experience as an animal fucker.





As i wrote above, the Mistress who trained me was a clinical hypnotherapist. She was born in Japan and raised by Her mother who was Japanese and a Mistress herself. Her father was a slave, an American in the Air Force, i believe he retired there and was a colonel when he was in the military. Anyhow, my former Mistress was trained by Her mother and by other Dommes at a private BDSM club Her mother was a member of. This is also where She was taught how to train slaves to be animal fuckers.


Much of this club's financing was created by training slaves for porn, including female slaves to fuck animals and selling those slaves to people/producers who filmed bestiality porn. You just have to do a search online and You will find a lot of animal sex porn from Japan. Bestiality as entertainment is big in Japan, even TV game shows often contain contestants engaged in (i am not sure how to describe it) mock acts of bestiality with actual animals to win prizes.


i'll add this in here too, many of the people You see having sex with animals in movies are slaves. It makes sense if You think about it. So i am not really unique. i do not think being trained to fuck animals is all that unusual. But as i said, i really do not think the same way as normal human beings and i am not blind to the fact it is rare to see someone who will walk out in front of an audience and fuck animals before everyone there.


There are many people who have sex with animals in secret and many more people who do not do so but enjoy watching bestiality porn. i read nearly 70% of people on the Internet view and download animal sex material. When i use the term animal fucker it is something my former Mistress used to describe a slave (or any person) who has sex with animals openly (or as openly as society permits) and does so for the pleasure of the animals and the enjoyment and entertainment of other people. A person or slave who actually lives being known for fucking animals.


i actually researched this some time ago and at the height of bestiality porn production which mostly happened in Europe, around the mid-1990s through the 2000s, from what i could find there are/were only around 1 person out of every 1,400,000 people who fuck animals openly for other people to watch, or around 5000 people in the world.


When You look at all the animal porn online, it makes You think there are lots of people doing this, but there really aren't that many. Think about it, in order for someone whether they are a slave or not, to go out and fuck animals as entertainment for other people to watch, whether it is a show or on video, they must commit themselves to a life of forever being known as an animal fucker. It has to be an awesome thing to know a slave is willing to do that for You.


I fits in with the reason i became an animal fucker. i agreed to do this because the Mistress who trained me wanted me to be one. The way She described it, spending my life only being allowed to fuck animals, it excited me. i never really expected i would actually spend my life as an animal fucker. But then after the first year, the second year, a third year of fucking animals as Her slave, every year i wanted it more and more. i wanted to spend my life fucking animals, only fucking animals as a slave. i wanted more and more people to see me do it and know this is how i was spending my life.









i do not know if i can ever explain why, i just LOVE bringing animals off to a powerful orgasm. i LOVE seeing people enjoy themselves as they watch me, seeing their excitement, seeing them laugh at me as i desperately and obediently have sex with animals as i am directed.




i do not think most people can understand what it is like to have people come up to me after a performance and thank me and tell me how good i am at fucking animals, to have people tell me this is what i am obviously meant to do with my life.







8/18/2018, 7:24 PM: Editing and revisions continue above and more to come below. Please, comments and suggestions from Dominants are requested and appreciated. i really want this. i want to be the best possible animal fucker a slave can be.


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